Let's have a go at this 'blogging' stuff

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Laurence 'Imbrium' Trevennor.
Full time internet geek, gamer, proud Airsofter, full-time cat owner and Level Designer. I currently reside in the piss soaked, toothless yokel-infested backwaters of Wiltshire, England and created this blog mostly as a means of venting my anger at various game/publishing companies, inform the general public as to the depressing state of their grammatical skills and perhaps even post a few map WIPs. But first, a little about myself.

Freakishly lanky (6"5-ish), worryingly pale and heavily armed, I am, in reality a bit of a shy bloke (due in part to the long imprisonment on this metaphorical desert island) with a love of firearms and collection of airsoft replicas. While this may sound a little worrying to some readers, I do happen to have a soft side. This is where my cat, Ruby comes in, and my two rabbits Amber and Sapphire. I'm 16, slowly working my way through college, and for those of you who play computer or console games on a regular basis, I welcome you to my blog and wish you long life and good health. You will need your gaming skills to understand the majority of terminology I will be using throughout the life of this blog. To Daily Mail reading parents who have been brainwashed into thinking games are evil, Jack Thompson and anybody who takes anything they read on Gamespot without a 5lb bag of salt, I wish you two weeks holiday at the business end of a firing range, you bunch of stuck up hypocrites.

Well, we're 19 lines and one rant in and I haven't even touched on Level Design yet, so let's get on with it. I am currently a Source Engine man (Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike Source, Garry's Mod etc.), mainly due to the complete absence of any other games with a grotesquely huge fan base, (mostly) bollocks-free toolkit, radiosity lighting and framerate in excess of 3 per minute. I am currently working on one map, GM_Mudstorm for Garry's Mod, which I will post some images of next time I compile it, and have two or three other projects in the pipeline. Hopefully there will be a game engine along with real-time radiosity (none of this compiling malarkey, to quote Interlopers.net's Athlete UK), a decent SDK and all of the next-gen bells and whistles before I stop giving a shit and join the marines.

Anyway, I hope that's given you a little insight into who I am and what I'm about. As my whiteboard has just reminded me, I have an airsoft game at Ground Zero on the 13th which I must now prepare for. I'll post a few pictures if I remember.
Tally ho.

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